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#My99pSummer – A good old fashioned picnic!

I have to say I was quite excited when I heard about #My99pSummer, some of the 99p stores I’ve been in around the country are huge and have a lot of stock to browse through (and all obviously at one great low price) but sadly that’s not the case with my local one, it’s tiny! This doesn’t stop it from stocking a wide range of toiletries, household products and food/drinks but the seasonal items can be a little lacking and this was the problem I was faced with when I went along to use the £10 vouchers I was sent to do this challenge and see how much fun I could have with a 99p Summer!

After having a good look through all the summer items we decided we’d have to look elsewhere around the shop, the aisle was dedicated to gardening and had some really good looking items IF you have a garden, sadly ours can only be described as a car port on one side and a tiny piece of grass on the other, so this was not a good idea for us. After looking around we decided the only real option we could find was to have a picnic, now, these are always good fun and finding items that would make it more fun is always a challenge so off we went on a hunt and this is what we decided upon:


Each of the sandwich boxes has 2 compartments so you can pack quite a lot into them and I love the easy closing snaps on them so I had to pick 2 of these up! Then I spotted the jelly moulds, I figured these would actually be great multi-taskers, not only can I make some nice jellies to take with us but we could also use them for dips, sauces and small snacks since they each have a lid. The last non-food item was in remembrance of what our summers are normally like, so something to have at home when it’s too rainy to go out but you still want that summer feeling – ice lolly makers! this 12 pack makes nice sized little lollies and you can make whatever flavour you want to, I feel some experimenting coming on here!

With the food we went with a ‘just add bread’ picnic. Sandwich spread seems to be a favourite in this house so a jar of that had to be included. We then turned our attention to the nice bit of any picnic, the snacks and treats! I just had to get Cadbury’s brunch bars as I love them, they’re so chewy and chocolatey they’re heavenly to me! Next into the basket was the mallows (sneakily followed by the clubs while I was off looking at other things) and then on to savoury snacks. We saw the offer for 2 packs of Kettle Ridge Chips for 99p so decided that would be a good way to go as they would be fun to share and different to the normal multipacks we get. After doing a quick add up we found we were 1 item short and looking around at first I couldn’t think what else we would need, then I realised I’d not thought about drinks! A quick scout around showed me they had some Robinson’s in stock so i figured a bottle of that would be great for many picnics (as would many of the other items as well) and we were set!

We took our picnic with us when we went over to the New Forest and ate it (with company) at Hatchet Pond

99p - Hatchet 1 99p - Hatchet 2

So thank you to 99p Stores for giving me the £10 vouchers to see how much fun we could have with My99pSummer, we did have a lot of fun and we can still have a lot more too since so many of the items are reuseable so there’ll be more fun days out to come!

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