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Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet

I was very lucky this week, I received an email from http://www.womenseverything.com informing me that I had been picked out as the winner of one of the competitions that they have recently had on their website. The prize was a Thomas Sabo pendant with a chain and charm carrier. I was delighted to hear this news as I have a Black obsidian bracelet already with a few charms so I know the quality of these pieces of jewellery.

I was even happier when the jewellers who had sponsored the competition telephoned me to tell me that unfortunately the item I had won was out of stock. They very kindly offered to let me choose anything from their website up to the same value even though it would only be out of stock for 2-3 weeks. I very gratefully took them up on their offer as I have been looking at getting one of the rose quartz bracelets for some time and through this I was able to get one as well as the two charms you can see on the image below.

I have to compliment RMA Williams on their level of service, obviously on this occasion I was not a paying customer but I couldn’t have wanted for a better experience had I been. All contact was curteous and friendly and the speed of the transaction and delivery really cannot be faulted. I really would recommend having a look at their site as they have many beautiful pieces including some of the amazing Clogau Gold!

I know, as you all do, that there are many types of charm bracelets available right now and I have both Pandora and Trollbeads bracelets in my collection as well but I really like the simplicity of the Thomas Sabo ones, yes, this type only take up to 3 charms but sometimes you don’t want to be rattling with every move you make and by only chosing a couple of charms each time, it is so much easier to tailor to your mood or outfit for the day.

The detail included on the charms themselves is outstanding, the guitar you can see in my image is 2cm but it is so detailed that you can make out the strings and individual tuners even the knobs on the body!

Sometimes we have to understand that less is more and with a Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet, this definitely is the case.

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