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Deliveries 15th November 2014

15-11-2014The razor I received from the GilletteUK Facebook page

The Models own make up is the last of the sets I won from the Echo Falls Facebook promotion

The CO alarm I won from B&Q on Twitter

Deliveries 24th November 2011

The Lenor samples have come from the Daz Soap Club

The Shave Gel has come from the GilletteUK Facebook page

The Butterdish is from Anchor and Yes Dawn, this one is yours as promised!

The game has come from Digital Spy Gaming’s Twitter feed

The magazine is from the subscription I won, I dont think I have many left now, Oh well, I’ll have to try and win another!lol

Deliveries 4th May 2011

The Nip+Fab frown fix has come thanks to The Dragons and Fairy Dust blog, thanks Ali 😀 Hope it works, looking in the mirror, I’m starting to need ……… something anyway!lol

The razor is from Gillette on Facebook and the foundation is from one of the competitions Rimmel run regularly on their website 🙂

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