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Deliveries 29th May 2013


A few weeks ago I entered a competition to suggest a new flavour for fudge to Fudgeridoo via their Facebook page. I looked at some of the other entries hoping for inspiration but noticed most of them they made already so I tried to think up a combination they wouldn’t have done already. I ended up suggesting maple syrup and bacon and they picked that as the winner. I won a box of it for myself and one for a friend as you can see in the photo. I’ve tried a small piece of it and it’s really nice so get along there and buy some for yourself before it all goes (and check out their other fabulous flavours too!

Also, I have decided that this will be my silly win from my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

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Deliveries May 23rd 2012

This gorgeous ‘Hamper’ I won from Smart gift solutions Online over on Pinterest, it’s the first time I’ve won from there and seemed straightforward enough so maybe I should start investigating more on there!lol

The coconut M&S’s and 2 Jelly Belly beans I won from the Free Postcode lottery for being in the top 100 on their bonus leaderboard!

Deliveries 30th July 2011

And so we come to the last deliveries for July. It’s been a really amazing month for me, not just for wins I’ve had for myself and our family but for those that I’ve given to friends I’ve made through this wonderful hobby, I’m really pleased I could help those that I have.

For some reason the people behind the Splenda UK Facebook page have sent me 2 lots of goodies for my tea party, Oh well, I can now make 2 different types of tea 🙂

The straighteners are the ones I won from the BaByliss PRO UK Facebook page this week

The Vampirates books I’ve won from Primary Times 🙂

The hand hygiene gel has come from the Lemsip Facebook page

The Fudge has come from the Fudge Kitchen – Bath Facebook page, I received slices of: Icy Vanilla Coconut, Caramel Swirl, Chocolate Orange and Lemon Meringue 😀

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