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Deliveries to 10th March 2014

Ewwwwww excuse me while I get the vacuum out and get rid of all these cobwebs




Right, that’s better, now to hopefully get back into the swing of things again 😀 We’ve had a few deliveries since we’ve moved into the new house, I forgot to take pictures of the homemovers box we were sent by Nationwide but it was really handy (milk, loo rolls, tea, coffee, washing up liquid, mugs, spoons, that sort of thing) and the iTunes voucher that I won from Tropicana Juices over on Twitter but I did remember the last 2 things, well, one of them only arrived this morning so that reminded me to do this again!lol

03-03-2014I received these bars from Jordans after requesting to try their new crunchier bars, I have to say right now they are totally yummy and I finally have something I can dunk in a cuppa without it going soggy and falling into my drink 😀

10-03-2014I was sent these goodies by a friend who does good deeds for hr friends by sending them goody bags like this one to make them smile. You certainly did that to me, thank you so much 😀

Looking back – Looking forwards

Since today starts a new year I guess it’s the right time to peek back at all that happened last year and to hope for better things from the year ahead.


Last year started with me being ill, I didn’t realise just how ill I was though and things grew worse and worse to the point I was very seriously ill and could have died without the treatment I received. Luckily all that is behind me now and it’s impossible for it to happen again …. you really can’t grow a gall bladder back right?lol After that we hit a period of exciting moments as we finally decided we had enough of a deposit saved to find a home that would truly be our own and we did find it but delays hit and we ended up in limbo for most of the last half of the year. Fortunately things have started moving again now we have a completed chain and hopefully we’ll be exchanging and completing over the next few weeks.

So in brief, last year started bad and got worse, then it got very exciting followed by limbo but ended on a high!


I guess the main thing from this year is all that’s going to be involved in our house purchase and move but other than that I have a lot of other things to look forward to and plans made for this year. The things to look forward to are a lot of big family birthdays this year so many excuses to get together and catch up with everyone and I think I’m going to be doing Christmas this year as well, I know it’s a huge task but I love cooking for people and in our new house, that kitchen/dining room just cries out to entertain so I’m really looking forward to that! One of the big birthdays is my own, I’m going to be 40 in a couple of months, I don’t feel old and can’t see that changing but it is a great excuse to meet up with friends and have a good giggle, especially as it’s a friend 40th a few weeks later too!

I’ve also been preparing myself for beating my agoraphobia, when we move it’s to a much nicer, quieter area and I believe I can beat this and start going out on my own, I’m sure this can work for me as I did something similar when I moved in with Dave 7 years ago and quit smoking, it was much easier for me that for others I know who have gone through it.  I’ve already seen a change in me since I’ve started preparing for it, I feel much more confident and am not so quick to agree with a crowd, instead I found myself speaking my opinions more and more this year even when I knew they would not be popular. Part of me getting better is going to involve me being true to myself and not giving in to the crowd even if that means I might lose friends, I guess if I do, they really were not friends to start with if I’m not allowed to have my own opinion?

The last decision I have made is to do with my comping. For a long while now it’s been quite high up on my list of priorities (needing to get the dailies done EVERYDAY and being up to date with MSE are things I’m sure some/most of you have experienced/can understand) but I’m going to change that. I want to enjoy life more and not have most of my time when Dave’s at work taken up by just one of my hobbies as I’m missing out on time with the others. As I’ve said, after the move I’m determined that I’m going to be going out more and I also want to attack the huge pile of books that are on my ‘to-read’ shelves (far too many for a stack these days). I also want to spend time with the games I have and my crafting, in the new house we’ll have a garden that I can tinker with and I really don’t want to lose any of the friends I have made so I’ll need some time to have a chat with them as often as possible. I figure that unless I give up on sleep, which I’d really rather not do again, I need to make a choice over what I’m prepared to give up and that is the comps. I’m not totally finishing with them, I don’t think I could do that but they’re not going to rule my days like that have done. If I don’t get the dailies done, so what! If I’m pages and pages behind (I am right now as I haven’t done any on mse since the 10th of December) it really doesn’t matter. As long as Dave and I are happy and we have a good life, none of the rest really matters and doing something which causes stress isn’t a good thing and it did stress me towards the end of last year in trying to keep up with everything and realising what I was missing out on.

So that’s my thinking about this year, hopefully it’ll all come together and will make for a fantastic year for us and I wish all my readers an amazing year as well!

Wish lists

For as long as I’ve been comping there have always been posts asking what people would most like to win. I’ve never listed the things out loud but I have a list of things I really would love to win, luckily for me over the past year and a bit I’ve managed to win a few of them.

huladance huladance huladancehuladance huladance huladance

I finally managed both a BBQ and Xbox 360 last summer after a very long time of trying. Then at Christmas I won a PS3 to replace our old one which had become quite noisy with the fan coming on and staying on all the time. This year I won a designer bag which I adore and just this last week I won some straighteners which I have been trying to win for years now, Kym actually took pity on me a while ago and sent me a pair as she really seemed to have the magic touch where they were concerned, I just kept entering and knowing I’d not win but this time I finally did!


The strange bit about me and wish lists comes when Dave is involved. I’ve always asked him if there was something he’d like me to win. The first time he said a TV, a couple of months later I won some vouchers which were just enough to get him a really nice 40″ one. Then he said an iPod, and when I asked what colour he said “red” OMG I thought, no chance of that, well, I won a nano from a competition and when it came through, yep, it was a red one! Next he asked for cash, I won £25, then vouchers, £750 of Sainsburys came in! Can you see the pattern here? Each time he asks me to win something it happens given a little time, yes I know it’s probably because of the number of competitions I enter and that he isn’t very precise (apart from with the iPod) on what he asks for but it’s still a little weird don’t you think?


So right now I have a couple of things still on my all time wish list but I think I’ll keep them to me, those of you who know me will know what they are but so far I’ve had some good luck by not writing them down, I think I’ll keep it that way just incase!

Deliveries 29th March 2011

Ohhh it’s been a few days since I posted on here hasn’t it!lol Well, the postman just delivered this little lot:

The little blue and red tins are from SteamCream the blue is called Earth and the red is Wraparound, I was lucky enough to win these in a competition on their Facebook page and it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while so look out for a review of those!

although you cant see it very well the necklace is the Queen of Hearts playing card pendant I won from Urban Male Mens Jewellery, also on Facebook, and that’s something for Dave for when he goes away in 10 days-ish!

All of the other items have been sent to me by a friend, Ali. Most were a complete surprise, I was expecting the coffee and the perfume sample but not the rest and it really has put a silly grin on my face this afternoon. Most of us are having a rough few weeks wins-wise and I admit today it’s getting to me (having a bit of a cold/flu-type thing as well doesn’t help either) and so this really has meant a lot to me. Thank you xx

Deliveries 17th March 2011

Todays post gave me a bit of concern, when I opened the M&S voucher from Here for a day I thought I’d opened one of my cards a bit early!

So on to what I received, The pomegreat vouchers were sent to me by the lovely Cathy, will have to get that at the weekend and the super sticky post-its were sent to me as i requested a sample to try, they look good so I can put up more notes now 😀

The M&S voucher is from Here for a Day, as I said, and it’s come from me entering a caption competition they held on their Facebook page and are worth liking on there!

The DVD has come from Heat on Facebook and was won alongside a tanning kit which hasn’t arrived yet

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