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Deliveries 10th March 2013


I won these gorgeous flowers from Next on Twitter, they were offered for Mothers day but sadly they arrived after we have seen her and luckily for me there are none of the many flowers in there which set of my hayfever so I’ll look after them for her instead!lol

Deliveries February 28th 2012

These beautiful flowers have come from the daily competition that was run by The Flower Council of Holland

Deliveries 14th February 2012

I won these goodies from the Pearl Drops Facebook page yesterday, nice fast delivery!

I won this bouquet of roses from Interflora’s Google+ page and had them delivered to Dave at work today 😀

Deliveries 10th August 2011

In addition to the post here I also won a bouquet of flowers from Clare Florist on Twitter and had them delivered to Dave’s Mum, they arrived today.

This is another of the Anchor bits of memorabilia that I’ve won from their daily competition, I know I have 2 more coming, I cant wait to find out what they are, all the items are so cute 😀

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