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Deliveries 7th July 2011 *UPDATED*

I’ve been visited by both my parcel and walking postie already today!

The Green Lantern goodies have come from a competition that was run on a Facebook page

The pleasure probe has come from Sextoys.co.uk’s Facebook page

This set of Green Lantern goodies have come from the people over on Make mine Milk’s Twitter feed

The Nivea samples have come from the Nivea for Men Facebook page

And the plush Pritt stick has come from a comp run by Pritt 😀


These have come from the Askamum Facebook page

Deliveries 6th May 2011

Todays deliveries came in 2 parts, both were known about but only 1 expected today!

This is a racing bib from the film Chalet Girl which was won from Natives.co.uk on Facebook

These gorgeous pillows have come from Ergoflex on Twitter, I won them in a recent competition and have been curious ever since about what they would be like with the price tag that goes with them (£140 the pair!) But just feeling them I can tell they’re nothing like the ones we have now, they have a lovely soft cover on them as well which adds a touch of luxury. I think once we’ve tried them out for a while and got used to sleeping with them I’ll have to blog about them over on my other blog wont I?lol

Deliveries April 13th 2011

I just had a surprise knock at the door, City Link have found out where I live again!

I really have no idea where these have come from, I entered every competition to try to win them though, for those who don’t know, there is a water cooler in the box, a cactus cup, the bundle is a Hammock and the box has 6 harmonica’s in it. I think they are just so cute and it’s really going to brighten up wherever I put them but for now they’re going up on the pile of things I’m collecting for our new home when we buy one, well, other than the harmonica’s they are anyway!lol

The postman only brought a gift I got for Dave, it’s amazing to think we met 6 years ago this weekend 🙂

Deliveries 22nd march 2011 – Updated

Todays post has arrived!

There was a card with the booklet from escape but obviously I’m not going to let you see it and the numbers on it!lol It came from @EZPay as I won their Friday giveaway a couple of weeks ago, since I didn’t have a card at that point they offered me £10 on a new card instead of the £25 credit I won 🙂

The Tyre pressure guage is from Parkers over on Facebook and was won for suggesting ways of being more fuel economic 🙂


I just had a delivery via DHL

This is the Chalet Girl goody bag I won from Showcase Cinema’s over on Facebook 🙂

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