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Deliveries 12th November 2013


I had a lovely surprise turn up this morning, I’ve no idea which site this has come from as I entered for one of these P&G goody boxes on so many! Anyway, I’m obviously really happy to have received one 😀

Deliveries 9th May 2013


I received the Ecover fabric conditioner via a win from the clean machine on their Facebook page

I received the Chalice (which is engraved with the words ‘Quality: A matter of choice’) via the competition that was running on the Stella Artois Facebook page

Deliveries 22nd November 2011 *UPDATED*

All these goodies are Dave’s birthday gift from me. It’s his 40th this year so I felt I needed to do something special to mark it for him, I asked what he’d like most and after thinking about it he decided he’d like to make a new PC so I transferred him the money I’d saved and this is what he got himself. I’ll be posting a more in depth thing on my other blog after he’s built it about what he’s got but there’s an i7 chip and motherboard, 8GB of memory and 3TB HDD as well as a smaller SSD drive to host the OS amongst all the bits and pieces!


The bottle is something I need to test

The book has come from the Goodreads Firstreads promotion

Now this has had me in giggles the last few minutes since it was delivered, yes it does look familiar, this selection is from Yours magazine though 🙂

Deliveries 15th November 2011 *UPDATED*

The book has come from Rare Fashion over on Twitter and the other item is something I’m going to be testing over the next few weeks 🙂


I won this set from Pick me Up’s Competition site, quick word of warning for any parent getting this for their own child …. make sure you have your own tool set handy to get through the horrible tough plastic it arrives in, luckily for me, I’m giving this to someone else’s child, they can have the “fun” of getting the toys out!lol

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