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Deliveries 1st November 2011

Another month ……

Yep, another set of Anchor Egg Cups, that Cake Stand is really looking like it’s not going to happen, there’s not much time left in the draw BUT I did get another WEM this morning so there is some hope #FingersCrossed 😀

Deliveries 18th October 2011

Fuzzy brain still exists here today, I’ve only just remembered I hadn’t done this yet today!

2 more sets of egg cups from the Anchor daily, with only a month left to go, I’m starting to think I wont manage a full set, the cake stand is playing very hard to get!lol

Deliveries 31st August 2011 *UPDATED*

All these Dove hair goodies I have received as I am a BzzAgent and I am taking part in a campaign about these, I actually got 10 of the little sample tubes of conditioner (along with the full sized shampoo/conditioner/intensive treatment) and lots of 50p off vouchers which you can see and I will be passing these out to anyone who I meet and wants to try it 🙂

The Anchor egg cups are from their daily competition and are really cute 😀


This lovely pitcher and tumblers set has come from the Blackcurrants Facbook page, it looks very dark in the pic but it’s a beautiful shade of purple, really dark and pretty 😀

Deliveries 15th August 2011

The Blistex has come from their Facebook page

The egg cups are once again from the Anchor daily competition, from what I’ve had emails for, I still have at least one more to come YAY

Deliveries 13th August 2011

The Anchor items have come from their daily promotion and the crisps are for me to try YUM!

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