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Deliveries 28th June 2014

28-06-2014I won these cute Models Own make up sets from the Echo Falls Facebook page

Deliveries 4th Januray 2013


I won this Forever 21 voucher from a competition that ran on the Echo Falls Facebook page last year, it was my first win of this year and something knocked off my 13 wishes for 2013 Challenge

Deliveries 5th October 2011 *UPDATED*

The book has come from Oxford Classics over on Twitter

The Eat natural bar has come from their Twitter account, my only problem being, it doesn’t say how many calories it contains, with all those nuts in it, I think I better leave this one for Dave as it’s bound to be way too many for me sadly 😦

The Magazine is another issue from the subscription that I won a couple of months ago


Woo hooo we seem to have gone back to 2 posties again here, a different guy brought my parcel today to who brought the letters 😀

This lovely treat has come from the Echo Falls Facebook page and it was from a quick competition to celebrate them getting to 21,000 likers 😀 Oh and I just had to add the packaging next to it in the picture, isn’t it FAB, I’m def keeping hold of that, it’ll come in so handy!

Deliveries 28th July 2011

Shhhhhhh! Dont tell Cathy!lol

The case of wine and DVD have come from the Summer of Sponteneity promotion on the Echo Falls Facebook page

The Teapot and sweeteners have come from the Tea party planner promotion on the Splenda UK Facebook page

The DVD’s (Episodes 1 & 2 from season 1 of Family guy, 24 and Prison Break) have come from Pringles Facebook page

The gloves have come from my submitting a review on the Bizzybee website

The Book and Salcura have come from Amazon, I wanted the book so I can finally read the end of that series and the Salcura I purchased because the samples I received from them worked so well on my eczema 🙂

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