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Deliveries 8th January 2015

Happy New Year to you all, here’s hoping that it’s a good one and that we all get what we hope for from it 😀

08-01-2015I won a £20 voucher code to use on eBay and having just run out of my favourite hand lotion and shower cream, it was an easy choice as to what to get with it 😀

Deliveries 17th June 2014

17-07-2014First off, this is not something I have won from a competition, I have purchased these but I still view them as a win because I have been looking for them for so long.

Many years ago (well before I left school so over 25 years now) my Brother and I purchased our Mother a pair of these slippers. She loved them so much that they were never off of her feet, it was really nice to have given a gift that someone loved so much and I keep trying to do the same in each gift I give now. The problem came a year or so later, there were holes in the soles, the fur was all matted and ragged but she still wore them (have you ever had a pair of slippers like that? I know I have now so I understand her) but they were truly awful and so I’m sad to say my brother and I cut them up to make sure she could not wear them any more. We tried to find her a new pair but even then it was impossible and since I’ve started using eBay I’ve kept an eye out each Birthday and Christmas in the hope of finding another pair.

Thanks so much to 20orchid11 on there, I have finally managed it (I’ve linked to her profile there as she has some lovely other things for sale, just go have a peek when you have time) and she has been fantastic with chatting to me about them and sending them on to me. It’s really great timing for me too as this year my Mother will be 65 so this is going to be part of her birthday gifts, I just wish I could be there with her to see her face when she opens these and remembers the pair she used to have 😀

Deliveries 29th August 2013


The game I purchased to treat myself, I have a feeling over the next few months I may have some internet-less times so I’ll need a few things to keep me occupied once the packing/unpacking is done (or for when I’ve had enough of it!lol)

The books I have absolutely no idea where they have come from, they both sound good so I’m really pleased to have them but I would love to know who sent them so I could thank them 🙂

Deliveries 1st July 2013


I’ve always wanted a proper old-fashioned Gladstone Bag but they are just way too expensive, well, the ones I like are anyway!lol But I found this lovely carpet-bag on eBay and luckily I won the bidding. I’m really impressed with it too, it’s a bit bigger than I expected it to be but that makes it even better, it’ll be perfect for when we have to go away overnight or for a couple of days 😀

Deliveries 29th June 2013


The two books I won from the Book Chick City blog 🙂

The ribbon I purchased from eBay for a project I’m working on 😀

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