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Deliveries 31st July 2013


The letter came as a lovely surprise to me today, I won 250 cuppaclub points from a competition run by PG Tips and Nisa, I’ve already redeemed them for an initial mug. Dave and I decided ages ago just to get each other a small gift this year with the (hopefully) house purchase looming so I’m going to use the mug when it comes as a base to a ‘pot of gold‘ type gift 🙂

The sample sachet’s & spray sample are from Roger & Gallet for entering a competition with them & the perfume smells really nice, I might have to look out for this!

The Montagne Jeunesse mask I won from the Glamour giveaway in May. I had to chase this up and 1 other outstanding item with them this week, hopefully the other will come soon now 🙂

A quick update, Dave’s back at work today (I’m sure it’s not only because they have a cruise down the river tomorrow afternoon!lol) but I’m still not 100%, starting to feel a bit better but I have so much catching up to do now & tomorrow is the 1st :-O …… hopefully I’ll have time to catch up with you all before the weekend as Dave’s off next week so I know I wont be online much then either!lol

Deliveries 30th July 2013


Some days you have to love your post and for me today is one of those days! The little pink Higgidy voucher I received through making an enquiry about their quiches as 2 I’d had of the same flavour were very different and I wanted to find out which was the ‘normal’ type. They answered me the way I hoped and offered me this voucher so I could try another one as well!

All those Tesco vouchers have come from 2 purchase competitions. The £50 one was from purchasing J2O and the 2 £100 were from purchasing Pepsi, both Dave and I were lucky with that one (even though he did think it odd when I wanted to pay for the 2 bottles separately to get the 2 receipts we needed!lol)

If anyone else is wondering where I am right now, Dave wasn’t very well the end of last week and over the weekend and he very generously has shared it with me, we’ll be fine in a few days but right now …. I’m back off to bed again! hope you’re all having a good week anyway 🙂

Wish lists

For as long as I’ve been comping there have always been posts asking what people would most like to win. I’ve never listed the things out loud but I have a list of things I really would love to win, luckily for me over the past year and a bit I’ve managed to win a few of them.

huladance huladance huladancehuladance huladance huladance

I finally managed both a BBQ and Xbox 360 last summer after a very long time of trying. Then at Christmas I won a PS3 to replace our old one which had become quite noisy with the fan coming on and staying on all the time. This year I won a designer bag which I adore and just this last week I won some straighteners which I have been trying to win for years now, Kym actually took pity on me a while ago and sent me a pair as she really seemed to have the magic touch where they were concerned, I just kept entering and knowing I’d not win but this time I finally did!


The strange bit about me and wish lists comes when Dave is involved. I’ve always asked him if there was something he’d like me to win. The first time he said a TV, a couple of months later I won some vouchers which were just enough to get him a really nice 40″ one. Then he said an iPod, and when I asked what colour he said “red” OMG I thought, no chance of that, well, I won a nano from a competition and when it came through, yep, it was a red one! Next he asked for cash, I won £25, then vouchers, £750 of Sainsburys came in! Can you see the pattern here? Each time he asks me to win something it happens given a little time, yes I know it’s probably because of the number of competitions I enter and that he isn’t very precise (apart from with the iPod) on what he asks for but it’s still a little weird don’t you think?


So right now I have a couple of things still on my all time wish list but I think I’ll keep them to me, those of you who know me will know what they are but so far I’ve had some good luck by not writing them down, I think I’ll keep it that way just incase!

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