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Deliveries 15th April 2011

Todays post has just arrived but it’s not my favourite delivery today, that will be when Dave gets home, He’s on his was back from the airport right now 😀

The book has come from MyKindaBook on Twitter and the cheque is from Nuts for sharing their site (it was a draw between all of the IPC/DMRI sites!)

Deliveries 2nd April 2011

Todays deliveries came in 2 parts

This gift set came from Treat Her on Facebook and is a Mother’s Day gift which will be being passed on next time we see her 🙂

The letter here was the best surprise, it’s from That’s Life letting me know I’ve won £100 (and yes, the cheque was with it!) very happy with that. The nuts and tin were also a surprise and the tea has come from Typhoo on Facebook

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