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Deliveries 5th July 2013


The Big Bash tennis set I won from a promotion Robinsons were running with Asda (you had to buy a bottle there and enter your receipt number!)

The PG tips have come from me signing up to join their cuppa club, they released a number of free packs at 10am

The podium cap I won from the Pirelli Facebook page, there was one to win each day on their ‘The Perfect Fit’ competition

Deliveries 12th January 2013


The 2 caps have come from the Weird Fish pass the parcel game they ran on their Facebook page before Christmas

The Renunail duo I won from Beauty at Tesco’s Twitter feed

Deliveries 14th & 20th December

I’ve just had no time the last few days so this is a joint post of the 2 days I have received anything



I just haven’t had time to open these properly yet (sorry) but they are a lovely pair of speaker stands that I won from Audio Affair‘s advent competition



The Inika eyeshadows and eyeliner and the Barry M set I won from the Stella Beauty giveaway which has been happening over the last couple of weeks.

The gift has come from one of my friends Zoe who writes the very enjoyable Splodz blog!

The Vintage tea party year book I won from Tesco Real Food on Twitter

The Dean Crawford book (Apocalypse) I received from the I want a free book every month group on Facebook

The cap has come from the Weird Fish pass the parcel app on Facebook.

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