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Deliveries 9th January 2012 *UPDATED*

2 nice surprises arrived for me today, the first was the cross stitch charts which have come from Cross Stitch Crazy mag 🙂

The candle has come from Febreze UK’s Facebook page from a promotion last month when we were asked what scents would be good for Febreze ….. I had to hunt back for my email to see what I’d said to them as I remembered saying “crispy bacon” (well, there is a lot involved in making a christmas dinner and it does smell sooooo yummy) but luckily I’d also said Christmas Pudding and I suspect it’s that one that won me the candle!lol


I just had this delivered, I wonder if anyone will think it looks familiar!lol

Yep, another one of the Just Milk baking sets, this time it’s come from Good to Know and handily they’ve swapped the loaf tin for a second cupcake one 😀

Deliveries 17th August 2011

This is the moviepeg I won from the MoviePeg Facebook page for Dave’s 3GS

The smoothie maker has come from the Blackcurrants Facebook page

The tin is again from the Anchor Daily competition

All these lovely candles have come from Candle King on Twitter and are the goody bag I won from them, isn’t it FAB 😀

Deliveries 12th July 2011

From one of the many Rimmel giveaways

These gorgeous goodies have come from the Roman at Home Twitter page 😀

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