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Deliveries 22nd July 2013


The Special K cereal and Chewy Delight bars I won from the daily competition on their Facebook page

The book and Badge I won from the Harper Collins kids Twitter feed by doing a test to see if I was good or evil ….. I’m a Never apparently!lol

Deliveries 13th June 2013


The lipcote came from the Glamour giveaway last month

The Golden Grahams have come from their Facebook page

Deliveries 25th May 2013


The VIVA by Fergie perfume, body spray and body lotion I won from the Oriflame Beauty Facebook page

The cereal I won from the daily competition on the Kellogg’s UK Facebook page

Deliveries 1st September 2011

Ohhhhhh another new month and that means we’re 2/3 of the way through the year …… YAY it’s nearly CHRISTMAS!!!!! 😀

I’m not sure where the Ribena stirrer has come from but it’ll come in handy and go nicely with the drinks set that came yesterday 😀

The Shreddies were a freebie offered on Facebook

The Cruel Sea has come from a competition I won from Hey You Guys

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