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Deliveries 11th January 2012 *UPDATED*

Another issue of PMU, this one came as a surprise to me, I thought I’d had all my issues now!lol

The Blu-ray (The Fourth Kind) is the last part of our Amazon order for now!

The DVD (Cowboys and Aliens) is the rest of Dave’s prize from The Sun

The Cream eyeshadow is from the Collection 2000 competition last year, I think I still have 3 more pieces to come now, it’ll be interesting to see what I get 🙂


And the Parcel Force guy just came with:

A lovely surprise from the Elegance advent competition 😀 I had to show the boxes the mugs came in, they’re just as pretty as the mugs are and probably more useful 😉

Deliveries 10th January 2012 *UPDATED*

I won this from MailShop.co.uk over on Twitter

Another order from Amazon, using up some of the vouchers we were given for Christmas and won towards the end of last year

The Game Dave won from Cadbury on Facebook

The Voucher has come from FreeStuff.co.uk as I won a prize in their Advent competition on Facebook last year which wasn’t provided by the supplier, wasn’t this a lovely replacement for them to send instead 🙂


Dave’s only gone and won something again!

While he was off over Christmas he decided to enter a few of the high value Advent comps and this just arrived from The Sun, inside the box is a red HP G6 so he’s going to be a happy bunny when he gets home tonight!

Deliveries 12th December 2011

Another issue of my magazine subscription dropped through my letter box today

Breakfast at Tiffany’s has come from Grazia Live’s Twitter account

Forza 4 has come from the Top Gear Facebook page

Deliveries 18th November 2011

Another item from Anchor today, a very handy tea towel (still no cake stand tho sadly!)

The book has come from the Ebury Womens Fiction Facebook page

The House Season 7 Blu-ray set has come as a lovely surprise from Sky1 today

Deliveries 6th October 2011 *UPDATED*

The screen protectors are part of our latest Amazon order, hopefully the rest will arrive soon too 😀

The Blu-ray has come from a competition I won with iVillage UK from their Facebook page


The postie just came back with some lovely goodies for me and a FAB surprise for Dave

The two cricket books (The Complete Encyclopedia of Cricket and World Cricket Records 2012) have come from Carlton Books Facebook page

The hair products have come from a win with Full House magazine

The Simple product has come via their VIP offers 🙂

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