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Deliveries 20th May 2011

Well, I’ve had 2 Royal Mail van drivers and the walking postie come today all bearing goodies!lol

This mirror I won through the Pass the page parcel on Facebook but it actually came from Enchanting Pixies (Facebook here) and I would really recommend taking a look at her work when you need a gift, this is fab and looks so much better in real life to what this photo shows!

The first book “Blood Magic” has come from Fiercebook’s Facebook page

The remaining 6 books have come from Dave for my weight loss an explaination can be found on my other blog 🙂

The Andrex on the go set have come from Andrex’s Facebook page

The Cocoa Scrub has come from Palmers Facebook Page

The Benecol goodies and vouchers have come as I am a Bzz Agent and am doing a campaign to raise awareness about these products, I cant wait to try some of them and I have vouchers to share out too!

Finally, the Sony iPod dock has come from a competition with MrPaparazzi which (you’ve guessed it) was on their Facebook page!

There was something else arrive but it’s a trial product I cant show you, sorry 😦

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