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Deliveries May 17th 2012

I won this from The Thumbs Up’s Twitter feed last week

I know there’s not been many posts this week, I did receive my copy of PMU yesterday along with a product to test out which I wasn’t sure if I could show you so I didn’t post, I hope you all understand ….. here’s hoping the postie calls tomorrow now!lol

Deliveries 20th December 2011

I didn’t have anything delivered while I was away this weekend but I did come home to 2 cards, one was redelivered today and the other we collected.

The Baylis & Harding gift set has come from MailLife’s Facebook page

The Montagne Jeunesse Masks have come from them for reviewing a mask for them a while ago

The Brown silky bag contains the Dressing gown I won from Charlotte & Co’s Twitter feed

The Thor dumbbell alarm clock and Kung Fu Panda Charging mat are replacement prizes for me. Earlier in the year I won some lovely Rango goodies but sadly the water cooler had proven to be dangerous. All year since this was discovered they have been trying to source a replacement item but last week I was offered a choice, I could either continue waiting for the replacement item or I could have 2 items from a small list and I decided to choose these two instead of waiting any longer and I’m so happy, I tried really hard to win a Po charging mat but was unsuccessful so this really has made my day, it’s so cute!

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