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Deliveries 12th July 2013


I had a very strange text message on my house phone today, I couldn’t hear much of it apart from that something was going to be delivered today, using google on the number I figured out it was coming from ASOS. A while later I had another telling me that delivery had been done even though I was out (Ummm, me out? that just doesn’t happen!lol) so I looked outside and a little box had been left in the garden for me and this is what was inside. Its the Stone hair Brooch that I redeemed some points for from Shopcade, isn’t it pretty!


This little pack of goodness is the picnic that I won from Higgidy’s weekly competition! Loads of vouchers to use and a bar of choccy and a fruity snack to be going on with!

Deliveries 10th September 2012

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely email telling me I’d won an ASOS voucher, a book and a goody bag from the Burning Times Facebook page. I’m still waiting on the other bits but the ASOS voucher popped into my inbox last week so I went nuts trying to figure out what to get ….. far too much choice! Anyway, this is what I ended up with (River Island boots, Ri2K & Mischa Barton bags, a pair of ASOS wedge’s and a red jersey top just peeking out from behind them!lol)

I won the blue sparkly earrings from Hair Trade on Facebook

The T-shirt has come from the Shloer Summer draw competition on their Facebook page

Deliveries June 30th 2012

So a mystery has turned up in the post today.

This would seem to be from the ASOS competition that everyone received their prizes from in February and March from the card with the shampoo but it arrived today. There is a stamp on the envelope saying “Condition 9 Access Mail received out of course 29 JUN 2012 Hemel Hempstead Mail Centre” which I have googled and seems to indicate that City Link (who sent it) gave it to the wrong office, well that’s OK but why has it taken all this time to get to me?? Oh well, at least it’s here now I guess 🙂

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