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Deliveries 7th July 2012

I’ve no idea where the book has come from, I received a WEM for it the other day from the publishers but I just can’t find a competition for it, Oh well, I really enjoyed her Immortals series so I would have purchased it so this saves me from buying one book, I’m certain I can find more I want now anyway!lol

The rest of the items here I was sent by the lovely people behind the Kleenex UK Twitter profile to help with my hay fever. I already use the balsam (it’s great when you have a cold as well!) and the other bits will all come in handy as well 🙂

Deliveries 28th July 2011

Shhhhhhh! Dont tell Cathy!lol

The case of wine and DVD have come from the Summer of Sponteneity promotion on the Echo Falls Facebook page

The Teapot and sweeteners have come from the Tea party planner promotion on the Splenda UK Facebook page

The DVD’s (Episodes 1 & 2 from season 1 of Family guy, 24 and Prison Break) have come from Pringles Facebook page

The gloves have come from my submitting a review on the Bizzybee website

The Book and Salcura have come from Amazon, I wanted the book so I can finally read the end of that series and the Salcura I purchased because the samples I received from them worked so well on my eczema 🙂

Deliveries 9th May 2011

So todays deliveries come in 2 parts again

These are part of an order from Amazon, I decided I wanted to upgrade these from eBooks to real ones now but one of them isn’t mine ….. bet you can guess which one of these book’s is actually Dave’s 😉

And this has just come from the walking postie, let’s get through the boring bit first, the white envelopes (bottom left) has a SD card in it and together with the Harry Potter Blu-Ray comprises the rest of our Amazon order. The Herbal Essences sachets are a freebie from somewhere!lol

The Biggest loser book has come from Octopus Books on Twitter and I will be delving into this and reviewing it shortly!

The Thief! book has come from Malorie Blackman’s Facebook page

Finally the rest (shower gel/hairspray/roll-on) have come from Best for reviewing a book for the magazine, I’m not sure when it’s going in there but if you spot me, give me a yell please 😉

Deliveries 15th April 2011

Todays post has just arrived but it’s not my favourite delivery today, that will be when Dave gets home, He’s on his was back from the airport right now 😀

The book has come from MyKindaBook on Twitter and the cheque is from Nuts for sharing their site (it was a draw between all of the IPC/DMRI sites!)

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