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Deliveries 28th November 2013

28-11-2013I had a lovely email 2 weeks ago telling me that I’d won A Year’s Supply Of Whitening Oral Care From UltraDEX Worth Β£186 from a competition that ran on the Woman’s Own Magazine Competitions site. It arrived today and comprises of 12 bottles of mouthwash and 12 tubes of toothpaste. I was really pleased to win this as I have been using the mouthwash for a few months already and it has really helped with my teeth so I cant wait to see what happens with using the matching toothpaste as well πŸ˜€

Also, I did say in my challenge to myself that I wanted to win a years supply of something so with a tiny bit of a cheat on one of the 13 I’ve completed my 13 Wishes for 2013 πŸ˜€

Deliveries 11th June 2013


YAY for late deliveries!lol I won this gardening tool kit from Nisa and Draper and this knocked another thing off my 13 wishes for 2013 challenge as this has been put away for our new house (when we get one) which WILL have a garden πŸ˜€

Deliveries 22nd March 2013


I won these packs of bacon from Denhay Farms on Twitter, and that’s my breakfast sorted for Wednesday πŸ˜€


The Ted Baker bag I won from the promotion they were running through their Twitter page

The silver bag is the Marc Jacobs Tote that I won through entering a code from a bottle of Diet Coke on the website (it’s still on till 09/04) and this knocked another thing off my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

Deliveries 23rd February 2013


The perfume I won from Marie Claire last month and it was the first thing I knocked off my 13 wishes challenge for this year

The Gourmet Garden goodies I won from GoodToKnow earlier this week, I cant wait to have some fun with these!

I also received a skin care trial product (not pictured) which I’m looking forward to trialling, it smells amazing!

Deliveries 4th February 2013


As the letter says I won this pedometer from the Tesco Magazine, it’s a gadget and I’m pretty sure we don’t already have one so that’s another knocked off my 13 wishes challenge for this year!

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