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Wins in Pictures – July 2014

I love the look and feel of my “Wins in Pictures” page but I think it’s getting a bit long now so I’ve made the decision to change it into being a post I make each month with the pictures from the deliveries I receive all collated into one post for easier viewing.

Unlike the daily posts, which will continue, this will just be a page of photo’s. If you’d like to find out more about one or more of the pictures, then hover over them to get the date they relate to and you will be able to find out what the item is and where it has come from by looking at my deliveries post from that date.


05-07-2014 09-07-2014 10-07-2014 12-07-2014 16-07-2014a 16-07-2014b 17-07-2014 19-07-2014 22-07-2014 23-07-2014 28-07-2014 30-07-2014a 30-07-2014b 30-07-2014c

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