Deliveries 25th October 2013 and a mini review


The vouchers have come from the Zoflora Facebook page and a competition they were running recently.

The SIM has come by accident as I clicked on the wrong answer on an advert on one of the IPC daily entry competition sites. I wasn’t too bothered as just receiving a SIM card is not really a problem, or so I thought. This one has come from ‘the people’s operator’ and I am horrified by what they have sent out. The envelope containing the SIM has a sticker on it bearing the words “This TPO SIM was beautifully packed by Daniella, music-lover from Hertfordshire.” On closer examination, the sticker had obviously been lifted and stuck down again with glue which had also spread to other parts of this small envelope sticking everything together. After seeing this I took a really close look at the SIM when I managed to get it out of there and noticed a piece of tape over it, turning it over it is obvious that this is a used SIM card (look closely in the photo and you can see it doesn’t line up correctly and has been removed from the plastic it was housed in before arriving with me) and this is why my reaction, how can I be sure the user of this card before it arrived on my doorstep wasn’t involved in anything criminal? Obviously I can’t and so the only option I can come up with is to bin the card and hope that is the end of it. I really hope if any of you are using this company that you are being very careful as they obviously aren’t!


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