Diary of a First Time Buyer – From nail-biting to Limbo

So now most of you know we have had an offer accepted on a house, that was the nail-biting bit, waiting to see if they would accept our offer, then dealing with counter offers until we came to an agreement where we were all happy and luckily we managed it. So we’re paying a bit more than we wanted to but it’s not more than we can afford (which is the important bit) and we both really like this house and where it is (more on that once things are further along!lol)

After the agreement was made then came a mini mad rush with sorting out a mortgage and a conveyancer and getting them both all the documents they would need and appointments for them to see us and the house as well as deciding on if we were going to do a survey of the house ourselves as well as the banks valuation.

After looking into it we decided that we really should have one but then we were faced with trying to decide which to have done. We asked family for advice (thank you so much) and from what we heard from them and the surveyors we decided on a homebuyers report. The house we’re hoping to buy isn’t that old really and it’s quite typical so this should be all we need.

So now we’re in limbo, waiting for a mortgage offer, searches to come back, a report from the surveyor and (obviously) the people selling to find somewhere to buy themselves, I guess it’s a good job we’re not in any rush really 🙂

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