Diary of a First Time Buyer – Viewing Houses!

After doing all that research finally getting to look around the houses felt a bit of an anticlimax, especially on some of them! Before we went Dave had done a lot of research online and found what he was supposed to be looking for (traces of damp and odd lumpy walls) but I was more interested in if we would be able to live in the houses.

We have a couple of things here which are very bulky but we had already decided that if we couldn’t fit them into a house then we were prepared to get rid of them which made it easier to find properties to view. If I’d had to fit them both in, the list would have been 1 or 2 houses right from the begining!lol One thing I was concerned about was the kitchens though, it’s probably quite obvious but I love to cook so a small or badly planned kitchen just wouldn’t work for us and so this was the main room I wanted to see in each house!

We did the viewings we have done so far over 2 days, 4 on one and 3 on the other. We said that we’d try to not buy the first house we saw and when we went to see it, it was actually very easy to stick to it. The kitchen, which looked great in the photo’s that the Estate Agent had taken, was actually very tiny and I really don’t think it would hold even half of the gadgets I own let alone give me space to work as well!lol The next one was much better, it was actually very easy to see us living there but that wasn’t surprising really as it was one of the 3 houses we were viewing that was above our budget but this one would be affordable under our extended budget!lol

On to our third house, with this one, it was very nice but the agent who showed us around didn’t seem to know much about it and it was positioned on a very steep hill, all I could imagine the whole time we were there was the number of times I would fall down in the garden (you know how clumsy I am right?lol) and the fourth on this day was another one above budget and it was very nice, it again had everything we were looking for and even had extra rooms that would come in handy somehow and after leaving there we had a lot to take in and process before our last 3 that we had arranged already.

For Sale Sign

We both had our favourite of those we’d seen and felt pretty much the same way about all 4 but both of our favourites from what we’d seen online were still to come! We started in the one which was Dave’s favourite and this one certainly taught us a lesson. If Estate Agents don’t include a photo of a kitchen, there’s a real good reason for it! This one was tiny, other than the sink unit there was one other base unit with a wall cupboard above but that wasn’t what put me off the most, having the boiler above the cooker did that for me! There was no way we were buying that house, no matter how nice the rest of it was, extending the kitchen out and refitting it would just cost way to much. The next house had a much nicer kitchen but it was still small and I seriously debate the use of the word ‘utility’ to explain the dark store room behind the kitchen!lol

Finally we were off to see my favourite house but this was also the most expensive of them all, it was right at the top of everything we could afford but Dave decided it was worth having a look at anyway.  It was lovely, everything we expected it to be from the pictures but …. the Agent really must have used a fish-eye lens on this one, it really wasn’t as big as we were expecting it to be and when compared with the other 2 which were only a little above budget, it didn’t really stand up for itself so we totally ruled that one out.

So this is where we are right now, we’ve viewed some houses, met some Estate Agents and learned a bit more about how they market the houses. Now we just need to find our home and I’ll keep you updated on what happens next 🙂


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