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Deliveries 25th June 2013


A bit of a late delivery tonight but a welcome one, I saw this U2 set on offer on The Works website and just had to get it for Dave as he’s a huge fan and has seen them live many times. He’s delighted with it and for the price so am I! It’s made for a nice little gift for no reason for him but if you have a U2 fan you need a gift for, this would be a great purchase!

Week 2 weigh-in

So, no deliveries today then 😦 sob sob oh well, maybe tomorrow, Monday’s always seem to be the worst for deliveries πŸ™‚


After another week on the Slimfast, I’ve lost another 3.5lbs YAY I’m feeling so much better already, I’m improving each day with the amount of time I can exercise for before I feel like I really can’t do any more and I feel like it’s all paying off. The best bit of this past week was finding Slimfast on offer in Sainsbury’s when we went over the weekend so I managed to get hold of the Caramel Temptation which is easily my favourite flavour! I also like the Strawberry and Vanilla ones too, after a good whizzing in my trusty Kenwood Smoothie 2GO they taste like a really thick creamy milkshake! I’m not so keen on the Chocolate one however as I found it a bit grainy and the Banana one really doesn’t like me at all!lol


I hope you’ve all had a good start to the week, the weekend will be here again soon, well, it’s sooner than Christmas anyway!lol

Deliveries 22nd June 2013


The Warburtons Breakfast book I won from Find Me A Gift on Facebook πŸ™‚

The copy of NOS4R2 I’ve received to review from Gollancz as part of their Gollancz Geeks program and I’m really looking forward to reading and reviewing this one. You can join up too by following the link here or just clicking the image in my sidebar πŸ™‚

Shopcade – Have you joined yet?

I’ve been a member of Shopcade for a very long time and have been telling you all about it when I receive things from redeeming points or winning things with them right here. Well it’s about time I told you all about them now really isn’t it?lol

Shopcade is a Facebook app (soon to include Twitter and email login’s as well though) that claims it’s mission isΒ  ‘To help you shop savvier while saving time and money!’ and they more than live up to it!

The main advantages to using Shopcade as I see them are:

Cashback and offers on your shopping – By simply adding items to your want lists and letting Shopcade know what you are interested in they can let you know when there are offers on the products you want so you know when it is the best (most cost-effective) time to buy and when you do buy, you get cashback too!

Trend Score – By interacting with the App (following people, adding items to your want lists, inviting people to join and shopping through them) you develop a trend score. The higher it is the better the rewards you can get from the site in addition to the ones mentioned above.

Points – You gain points from a variety of different methods. Logging in each day, following people, adding items to your wants, when a friend accepts your invite, when people follow you or add things you were the first to add and sometimes there are special games or missions which gain you extra points as well. These all soon add up and can be used for:

Rewards – Rewards are goods, vouchers and discounts that you can use your points to purchase, the higher the value, the more points it costs and also the higher your trend score would need to be to enable you to purchase it.

Competitions – You can use your points to purchase extra entries into their regular competitions. When it’s a draw you can buy extra tickets, when it’s a Lucky spin you can purchase additional spins.

So if all that’s not been enough to convince you to go have a look, maybe take a look here at the items I’ve redeemed points for over the last few months, if I can do it so can you too!

I have written this blog post with my own personal view of Shopcade but this blog post is a competition entry, you can see more details about this here and maybe join up and enter yourself too!

Deliveries 20th June 2013


I won this lovely hamper of Simple Skin care from their Twitter feed when they held a Simple Sense Twitter party.


This Jones Bootmaker Tatty bag came as a wonderful Surprise to me today, I won it in the Hello Magazine 25th Birthday Giveaway!


I won this Niki’s Organic Balms Goodie bag from What’s on TV’s Daily competitions, I’m really interested in trying these as I use balms quite often, I’m most interested in the warming one as I suffer terribly with cold hands all year round πŸ™‚

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