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Deliveries 24th May 2013


The box of PG I won from them on Twitter 🙂

The orange & white stripey purse is the Pauls Boutique one that I traded some points in for on Shopcade

All the rest of the items are the Gemma Collins Goody Bag which I won from Simply Be on Twitter and this knocked another thing off my 13 Wishes for 2013 challenge

Deliveries 23rd May 2013


This arrived just now, I’m thinking it’s from the Glamour Daily so YAY Whoop I won something from it this year after last year not winning anything …… kinda made up for those years when I won more days than I didn’t though so all is well 😀

Deliveries 22nd May 2013


I won this The Great Gatsby Merchandise pack from Empire Cinemas on Twitter 🙂


This is my latest Amazon order. The books both continue sets I’ve been reading a while now and the games are to replace ones I traded in a couple of years ago but really miss playing plus one other that’s been on my wish list for a while.  I got a great price on them all by getting them from Amazon Warehouse all were listed as ‘Used – Like new’ and I have to say they all have their books and work great, boxes are fine too. The only thing missing is the card to get the Nintendo club points but considering each game was half price of less, I’m not that fussed!lol

Deliveries 18th May 2013


I received this lovely book from the ‘I want a free book, every month’ group over on Facebook 🙂

Deliveries 15th May 2013

This is not a win sadly:


On Saturday our (used to be) lovely Hoover washing machine decided to die. It tripped the switch on the fuse box and flooded the kitchen so definitely went in style!lol After looking into it, it worked out cheaper to buy a new one than have someone come out and look at the poor thing with what was probably wrong. I looked around online and found this Hotpoint one on Currys website and after going to look at it in the shop Dave ordered me one Monday night. It was delivered and installed today and the guys even took the old one away for us.

I really can’t fault the service nor the machine, I’ve only done 1 and a half washes so far (it’s working on one now!lol) but it’s so quiet even on the towels I did first …. I had to really after using them Saturday in the clean up, they needed it desperately but came out really well 😀

So I’m a happy bunny again now and mini-mount washing will be vanishing over the next few days 😀


I won this jar of Fluff from their Twitter feed and they sent me some recipe idea’s which sound great …. I’ll try some if there’s any left after I get a spoon in the jar!lol

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