Deliveries 16th July 2012

Most of the items here (the trainers, sports bag, water bottle, towel, wraps, mini wraps and breakfast breads) have come from the competition I won with Mission in your Kitchen on Facebook where the prize was listed as a Colin Jackson signed sports kit – yes, he has signed the luggage tag you can see on the bag! YAY

The white box on the left of the bag caused me some fun on friday. You know how we all get those spam emails claiming that the attachment is your delivery note ….. well something about this one made me believe it might be real (basically all the links pointed to where they said they would, the company did exist and hadn’t been reported for sending dodgy emails) so I opened up the attachment and found this was being sent to me, I’m not 100% certain as there’s no real information but I believe it might be from the Your healthy living magazine competitions that I enter each month and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me either so now I’m off to patch test πŸ˜€


One response

  1. Hehehe Lovely post again Kim …certainly beats bills! lol
    Well done πŸ˜€ xx

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