Store Twenty One shopping spree!

About a month ago I had a lovely email from Look magazine to say that I’d won one of their competitions. My prize was £100 of Store Twenty One vouchers which arrived about a week after I heard I’d won them. I finally went to spend them today and to my surprise (and delight) I found they’re having a promotion right now, for every item you buy, you get to buy another half price …… and it’s on EVERYTHING!

So here’s what I bought, and yes, I do still have a couple of vouchers left because of the offer!

I thought I’d better treat Dave since he took me over there and is going to be pack horse for me while I do all my voucher shopping while he’s off for the next 2 weeks. He chose some shorts, a top, some new socks (well, when dont men need these!lol) and a track suit.

This is 4 of my items, 2 vest type tops with a shrug and a loose fitting jacket

More for me, another top, a cami and another shrug/jacket type thing (I really like these as I hate the look of the tops of my arms and these work really well with little tops in hot weather!)

He he he, it’s obvious isn’t it, send Kim into a shop that sells them with vouchers and she will come out with at least 1 new bag 😉

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