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Wins in Pictures May & June 2011

I love the look and feel of my “Wins in Pictures” page but I think it’s getting a bit long now so I’ve made the decision to change it into being a post I make each month with the pictures from the deliveries I receive all collated into one post for easier viewing.

Unlike the daily posts, which will continue, this will just be a page of photo’s. If you’d like to find out more about one or more of the pictures, then hover over them to get the date they relate to and you will be able to find out what the item is and where it has come from by looking at my deliveries post from that date.

I’m using this post to bridge the gap from my page to the next post so this one will have both May and June’s pictures on it.




Deliveries 28th July 2011

Shhhhhhh! Dont tell Cathy!lol

The case of wine and DVD have come from the Summer of Sponteneity promotion on the Echo Falls Facebook page

The Teapot and sweeteners have come from the Tea party planner promotion on the Splenda UK Facebook page

The DVD’s (Episodes 1 & 2 from season 1 of Family guy, 24 and Prison Break) have come from Pringles Facebook page

The gloves have come from my submitting a review on the Bizzybee website

The Book and Salcura have come from Amazon, I wanted the book so I can finally read the end of that series and the Salcura I purchased because the samples I received from them worked so well on my eczema 🙂

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