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Deliveries and Collections 14th – 17th July 2011

As some of you know I have been away for a couple of days, well, we got home today and I found all this post (mostly in my green bin lucky they weren’t due really!lol) I also have a red card which Dave has said he will collect for me tomorrow 😀

The biscuits and hair oils are all free samples that I have obtained from Facebook (I believe!)

The face masks have come from the Club Cleo Facebook page

The badge is from the Pepperhood promotion which Dr Pepper is running right now

The eyeshadow’s are from the May daily competition run by Glamour

This is the gumball machine that I won from Chocolate Ape’s Twitter competition

The lunch boxes have come from toffee dodgers

The ChewBaracka has come from Ogg Co Ltd Twitter competition

The Mega Blocks …. I have no idea, I did win a set from Ask a mum on Facebook but I had some arrive on the 7th so one is from them and the other is a mystery but will be very appreciated!

And finally, this is the LK Bennett Handbag in taupe and Margaret Howell silk scarf that I won from the York Designer Outlet on Facebook and have been off collecting the last few days. The bag is so pretty this pic really doesn’t do it justice, it’s so shiny which doesn’t show up at all apart from the sunset reflecting over on the left which kind of looks like an ugly spot on it instead!lol

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