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Deliveries 6th July 2011 *UPDATED*

So the weird bit today is that these were both delivered by the same man, one came via City Link (hooray they found my address this time) and the other was DPD … are they the same or is it one guy working for both?lol

The tower and fans have come from Box.co.uk’s Facebook page Sorry it’s still in it’s box but OMG it’s sooooo heavy, def something for Dave to play with!lol

The pasta has come from Dreamfields Pasta UK’s Facebook page, looks like we’ll be having pasta for a while now!


Well, the postman just delivered these:

The book, I have no idea where it’s came from but the envelope was marked “The Random House Group” and I already have a copy which I won on Twitter, if it wasn’t so heavy I’d do a blog comp for it but the bugger weighs a tonne!lol

The cheese goodies have come from the Pilgrims Choice Cheese Facebook page

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