Deliveries 29th March 2011

Ohhh it’s been a few days since I posted on here hasn’t it!lol Well, the postman just delivered this little lot:

The little blue and red tins are from SteamCream the blue is called Earth and the red is Wraparound, I was lucky enough to win these in a competition on their Facebook page and it’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while so look out for a review of those!

although you cant see it very well the necklace is the Queen of Hearts playing card pendant I won from Urban Male Mens Jewellery, also on Facebook, and that’s something for Dave for when he goes away in 10 days-ish!

All of the other items have been sent to me by a friend, Ali. Most were a complete surprise, I was expecting the coffee and the perfume sample but not the rest and it really has put a silly grin on my face this afternoon. Most of us are having a rough few weeks wins-wise and I admit today it’s getting to me (having a bit of a cold/flu-type thing as well doesn’t help either) and so this really has meant a lot to me. Thank you xx


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