30k tweet winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered my 30k tweets competition, here’s the entrants list and the randomly generated number which makes the winner  sassyele Congratulations!

Please get in touch with your address so I can post your prizes out to you (if you haven’t got my email address, ask me, you know where to find me!lol)

1. jenniwren12

2. cathy

3. Alison

4. Kate

5. Lynsey

6. Debbie

7. Nicky

8. Gemma

9. Tracey

10. Cher

11. Stephanie

12. Lorraine

13. sassyele

14. Danielle

15. Catherine G

16. Melvis

17. Catherine M

18. kohsamui14

19. Splodz

20. Jay

21 Keen Kate

22 Emma

One response

  1. Many thanks hun – i’ve never tried Burt’s Bees before so am really looking forward to receiving this…pamper time for me I reckon lol Think am gonna have fun with the bee bag too…especially when I take it shopping pmsl 😉

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