30k tweet competition

WOW, I talk way too much dont I?lolI cant believe I’ve made all these tweets in such a short space of time, it’s been great fun though, thank you to everyone who has chatted to me.  I remember when I started on Twitter, it all seemed so strange and difficult to understand, I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right but thanks to those lovely people from the Inn on MSE I found my way. From those first few days of entering the Rogers coffee draws (remember them?) to now when I seem to be there most of the day. I know I block a lot of people on there but those who I talk to are friends as well as fellow compers and we talk to each other, not just C&P or RT each others tweets so anyone that just does that gets blocked as I dont see the point in letting you follow me, it doesn’t take much to say “Hi” or to have a quick chat. Oh and I really hate having people use the RT function on my tweets, I dont understand why you want to RT my tweets, other than the few comps on here, I dont run them so thats another way to get blocked by me!lol OK, ramble over, time for the comp (which is what you’re here for anyway, right?lol)

Well, I said I’d use my 30,oooth tweet to announce a new competition on here and so here it is 🙂

To Enter:

Just make a comment below by 5pm Wednesday the 9th June 2010. One comment per person please and tell me what your first wins were.

I find it really interesting to hear what people won first, especially when it was a while ago and they still remember. Give as much (or as little) detail as you want, for example here’s mine:

The very first thing I won was 4 cinema tickets, this was nearly 22 years ago now but I still remember it, it was at a school fete and I won them from the raffle, I was so excited and with friends went to see Crocodile Dunee II, yes I wished I’d gone to see a better film, but I was only 14 at the time!lol

Since I joined MSE though, my first win was a Pet Poets book and Calendar. I won them from Pick Me Up when they had the daily competitions on their website. I received the WEM on 14/11/07 and the Calendar is a 2008 one but I still have both that and the book, they’re what started me getting hooked on the wonderful new hobby of ours!

The winner will be drawn at random using a random number generator. The winner will be announced on here and the prize sent within 7 days of receipt of a delivery address. Should the winner fail to contact me within 7 days of being notified I shall again use a RNG to select a new winner with the original prize winner forfeiting their claim on the prize.

I’m guessing you’d all like a prize too so I decided on this:

The bag I received last week got me thinking, I really loved the Burt’s Bees set I won last year so I got Dave to pick me up another one (there’s some bits in this one I didn’t get in the one I had so he might have to get another for me as well now!lol) so the prizes are the ‘Save the Bees’ Bee Bag and a Burt’s Bees Head to Toe starter Kit

24 responses

  1. I started comping in May 2008. It was all very exciting until, after what seemed like months & months, I had’nt won a bean.
    I was just about to give up when I received my first WEM 🙂 I had won an ipod shuffle! I was so thrilled I actually cried 🙂

    Thankyou for the comp Kim – I can’t believe you’ve got to 30,000 tweets! :-0 chatterbox! lol

  2. Well done on your 30,000 tweet

    what was my 1st win, if I remember rightly it was when I was a teenager and was sent home with book of raffle tickets to sell for school, forgot, so bought them myself and won £50, which i then bought a leather jacket with 🙂
    This set me off on comps and remember winning silly things from girly mags at the time,

    I stopped for years but did win a yrs supply of dog food in 1993 which was delivered on a pallet, and my dog hated so ended up selling and giving away.

    When I joined mse i won a few silly things and didnt join in with the forum and inn until my tickets to live earth, I then was determine to get back to comping and havent looked back. Really pleased as have met a nice bunch of compers which are alot nicer than some people in the real world.

    Congrats to you Kim and hope you superb winning streaks keeps up, will never be on your level with wins but pleased with mine no matter how small

    Cathy x

  3. Alison (ali991) | Reply

    It was St Helier cider at the time where you got glasses as well. 🙂

  4. WOW 30,000 tweets!!

    I started comping December 2008 and my 1st win was a peroni bottle opener – screamed the house down lol. My 1st non-instant win was a JME xmas pudding, i think that was a postal comp.
    At the beginning the wins were few and far between but definitely win more now thanks to the joy of Twitter 🙂

    Thanks for a great comp, fun chat on twitter and congrats on talking so much lol


  5. Hiya Kim, congrats on 30,000!
    My first win that I remember was winning a box of chocolates at a bingo game I went to with my aunt. I was shocked as generally I was quite unlucky!
    It was MSE that introduced me to comping as an addiction lol and I won a few Diet Coke cinema tickets, but my first real WEM was for a family ticket to The Botanical Gardens of Wales. It was lovely to treat the family to a day out, and that was when the penny dropped and I realised that comping could enrich my familys life.
    The people I met on MSE – and followed to twitter – have shared some of my best and worst moments over the last few years, and as much as I love winning the prizes, I love sharing the euphoria of everyone elses wins too.
    Strange you should ask this today, as I am just getting the family ready to go to The Botanical Gardens this afternoon! Comping opens your eyes to new things and places!
    Thanks for running the comp hun
    Lynsey – @iridessa76

  6. Debbie Davies @heatismybible | Reply

    Hellloooooo, well i cant remember any wins when i was younger so i will have to go from when i started online with MSE in 2006 (different username – forgot password)! when i didnt know you should thank people! *naughty* – Gosh knows how i won anything not thanking!

    Anyway, my first win was £250 Debenhams vouchers in December 2006 and it was a radio comp…eeeeek! It was with Absolute Radio back when they were Virgin.
    I had to go on their website and choose my favourite xmas song, which was for the record, Fairytale In New York. They then phoned me to go on air & tell everyone my song & i was absolutely pooping my pants!
    But for the vouchers it was totally worth it!
    And as they say, the rest is history…….

    Love the blog Kim, thanks for the giveaway & good luck everyone for future amazing wins xxxx

  7. My first win was an Alaska Seafood Cookbook…… How many of us dont have that one…. LOL @paulinepppp.

    PS. Well Done on your 300,000 tweets…. Most of which was valuable information… (not the naked men photos tho) (Tho I love Beefcake !!! ) 😀

  8. well the first win I remember pre-MSE, so about 3 years ago, was tickets to Bestival for me and my flatmate at the time from a FirstGreatWestern competition where you were allowed unlimited entries over 2 weeks.. I think they regretted that with my thousands of entries and I won a pair and we had a lovely weekend 🙂

    but what I count as my first win which affected me was on Iconic Britain. It got me my SLR which has of course lead me onto my photography passion and now onto the lifechanging situation I’ve been in the past few weeks which came to a head yesterday with the quitting of the job 🙂 so yeah, without comping I might never had got the camera when I did, sign up to the course and might still be stuck doing things I don’t enjoy. Comping has opened my life up again 🙂

  9. tracey rollings | Reply

    my very first win was a book when i started back in dec 09 along the way began to know and make some nice friends most of all i have fun and raise a bit of money for charity

  10. Congrats Kim! You are a star and appreciate you running comps selflessly too 😀

    I turned to comping when I was off work sick. I was so skint and couldnt afford any nice treats or luxuries and then I saw a friend on a forum listing all these various lovely things she had won and I thought ill try that. I found MSE shortly after and thereafter my addiction grew! My first win was a..boulder mat. Yes very handy! But I sold it for £70 on ebay and really appreciated the money so persevered.

    I cant imagine not comping now. Its like second nature!


  11. Stephanie Acton | Reply

    My first win was a £20 Fat Face voucher, an instant win \o/ I was hooked! 🙂

  12. Lorraine Weldon | Reply

    Hiya Kim don’t enter me into draw please as it would really cost too much to post to Ireland. Just wanted to say congrats on 30k tweets wow!!!

  13. WOW, your blog has come on a treat since I last had a nosey round…..looks fab! I’d also like to say that it’s been a pleasure to follow you, your tweets always make me smile, so thanks for that!
    Right, down to business, my first win….hmmmm, let me think!! I began by doing surveys rather than entering comps, although the latter is much more fun, and I was lucky enough to win an ipod shuffle from a survey site – must have been about 3 years ago now! Best part was, I won it on 1st April, which as you know, is my birthday, and since then, i’ve been bitten by the comping bug! Many small wins since, but still waiting for “the biggie” – no complaints though, I love all my wins no matter how small (I also won a good few sachets of Rogers Coffees).
    Thanks so much for running these fab comps – can’t quite believe you’re up to 30,000 tweets, WOW!! pmsl xx

  14. Danielle Graves | Reply

    Thanks for running a competition for us all my lovely, that bag is mega cute :0)

    I first started comping back in 2008 when MSE used to have the competition ending list every day. My first win then was an Esprit £5 voucher, which turned out wasn’t really a win but was actually just a discount voucher. 😦 I also managed to win a Frisbee from Boost Juice Drinks. I even have the linky saved lol http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=999101

    I gave up after that as I really wasn’t enjoying it and it was depressing that I wasn’t winning anything.

    Then in April 2009 I decided to start comping again and actually joined in with conversations in The Inn (RIP lol) and found I really enjoyed it this time around. So from becoming a proper comper in 2009 my first win would be one of the coffee hampers on the Wild Bean instant win promotion. I can’t stand coffee but my gran and my dad love the stuff so I was really made up to win it 🙂


  15. Catherine Gregory | Reply

    My first ever win was I think in 1997 when I won Boyzone Live At Wembley video from Just Seventeen magazine. I was a huge Boyzone fan at the time and the only competition I had ever entered and the last as well until we got the internet in around 2001.

    My first wap win (before we got the internet) was from a website called Distractions. You had to do a quiz each day and the person who had the highest score at the end of the day won £100. I had free wap so played this each day. Not many other people could have been playing as I won 10 days in a row and ended up winning £1000. Great to get and shared it with my family

    My first internet win was JLO’s CD from BBC So website (no longer there). That gave me the bug and had many wins since then and met loads of lovely people from my hobby.

    Well done on your 30,000 tweet Kim and here’s to many more 🙂

  16. My first win was when I was about 6 years old and I won a weather testing kit from the Wide Awake Club. You had to draw a picture of Earth with half of it looked after and half of it ruined by littering etc … my picture was shown on TV by Michaela Strachan 😀 and I spent a whole day testing rain water for pollution when my prize arrived before I got bored lol

    My first prize since I started comping on MSE was a Yamaha YSP-800 digital sound projector (worth over £800 :O !!!), just checked my emails and I received the WEM on 09.02.06, seems like forever ago!

    Well done on 30,000 tweets Munchy and thanks for the comp!! xxx

  17. Catherine Miller @katylittlelady | Reply

    Congratulations on your 30,000 tweets hun! I’m 20,000 behind so clearly not tweeting enough!

    Thankyou for running your own comp in celebration, has been great reading through all the comments.

    I first dabbled in a bit of comping when I was at Uni about 10 years ago. The internet wasn’t so big then and it was mainly postal but I won a few times. The most exciting was from a camping magazine when I won a portable BBQ and some insect repellent! I was over the moon. After those few wins I didn’t do any for years.

    I started again in March 2007 and after a few weeks I won some tickets to the Vitality show in London. Shortly after I won some garden furniture and a Holiday to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Safe to say I was hooked! At the time I was using comping sites and came across MSE when looking for answers! The beginning of last year (Jan 09) I converted completely to MSE as the best website for comps and thanks to the power of twitter have some great comping pals now! What a great hobby we have 😀

  18. started comping in 1974- I was 11 living inAbuDhabi. I subscribed to Bunty comics! and won a competition. It was a plastic grapefruit segment on the end of a brown cord to wear as a necklace,. I remember going to the post office with my dad to collect it!. And wore it to school the next day!

  19. Ha ha I talk more than you! Great idea for a competition though, thanks for setting it up x

    So, first wins then…

    My VERY first win was some shampoo and a brush from “check it out” magazine when I was about 10 or 11 – my parents had subscribed to it for my birthday (not a girlie magazine but more of one about adventures etc – much more my thing!). I remember being all excited when a parcel turned up with a letter in it saying “congratulations”!

    But what got me back into comping was the suggestion that I should add “win a prize” to my things to do list… and I won a reach toothbrushes goody bag from Now Magazine. My first “big win” though, and still the one I I remember the most, was a “girls night in” package at The Berkeley Hotel in London, which included an overnight stay, a manicure, sweets and chocolate, ice cream and cocktails, loads of beauty goodies, and silver service breakfast in the morning. I went with my sister and we had such a fabulous time – something we’d never be able to afford or even think of doing if we could so just a really special prize.

  20. Jay @cheekychicken24 | Reply

    The first things I remember winning were tombola prizes at school – I used to spend a fortune, and come home with a bag of tat which ended up shoved under my bed until the next enforced bedroom tidy, when it got thrown away!

    My first internet win was in 2000 when I won a Bridget Jones book on the Handbag website, but I don’t think I entered another competition until 2007 when I found the competitions section on MSE and became a full time comper! My first MSE win was a packet of Chai tea, which made me feel ill just from the smell, never mind the taste – I hate cinammon, which seemed to be a major ingredient, so that was a very early lesson in being careful to only enter for prizes you really want!

    I’ve met some fab people through comping – first in the Inn on MSE, and then on Twitter over the last 18 months or so. Since this is a competition clebrating Kim’s 30,000th tweet, it’s worth mentioning that my first Twitter win was a £50 Amazon voucher – I think there were less than 10 entrants at the time, how things have changed!

    Congrats on the 30,000 Kim xxx

  21. My first win I can remember was when I was 12. I won a £10 meat voucher in a raffle for the local butchers.
    I didn’t think it was very exciting at that age I must admit but was delighted to have won. As my Mum was a single parent I asked her what she would like, so as she requested I went along & bought 2 steaks & veggies for us to have.
    I have to say I have only recently come back to comping after a year away, after my Mum took a stroke & it’s the best thing I have done. Chat to so many lovely people & all help each other like a big family. You are all great x

  22. Not sure it counts but my first win was on a tombola when I was a kid,
    it was a double ended glass and gold metal ashtray stand,
    ‘as I hadn’t won anything before it was ‘treasure’ and I had it by my table and kept my hair bobbles and hair clips in it for ages before my mum FINALLY persuaded me to give it to a jumble sale!

  23. So many Tweets Kim! Wow

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