Twilight: New Moon Giveaway Winners

Thank you very much to everyone who has taken part in this, I hope to be doing another draw in the next few weeks so if you’ve not been lucky this time, there’ll be another chance then and if you’ve not been entered in this draw, come chat to us  and I’m sure to include you in the next draw 🙂

The Lucky winners (drawn by are…….

Nicky63 and cathyjam

Congratulations ladies, I’m afraid I’m not telling you which prize you’ve won, luckily I have both of your addresses so you’ll have your prize delivered over the next week to 10 days (when Dave gets to the Post Office for me!) I hope you enjoy them when you get them, even the booby prizes 😉

Here is the list of names I used and images of the generated numbers:

1    Nicky63
2    Jenniwren
3    grannysmither
4    LoLoPants
5    mrstracey1972
6    paulinepppp
7    cat1980uk
8    Gingerchick
9    iridessa76
10    eviljules (NO NM)
11    splodz
12    katylittlelady
13    ali991
14    lisapop01
15    cathyjam
16    sassyele
17    victorianuttall
18    Josie 301
19    Liz Randell
20    kohsamui14

4 responses

  1. Thanks Kim

    Well done you lucky ladies!!!

  2. Oh wow! thanks Kim! I think I’m slightly scared now! 😀 thanks so much for doing this comp hunny xxxxxxx

  3. victoria nuttall | Reply

    Thanks again Kim…………and well done winners 🙂

  4. Thanks for running the comp Kim

    Well done winners :o)

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