Twilight: New Moon Giveaway

As you all know, I was very lucky and won 2 of the goody bags that were available recently. I have now received them and after comparing the items in them have put together this collection which I’m offering to one of my friends. I know quite a few of you will want it so if you do, add a comment on this post BUT be warned, there is a second prize as well, a booby prize which consists of some of the worst prizes that have been given out this year and 1 nice one to make up for the rest. I wont be telling the 2 winners which prize they have won, just that they have won and asking for their address (unless I have it already) to send it on to them!

The items on offer here are: Canvas shopper, T-shirt (M), 2010 calendar, pen & keyring

The pen has an image of Jacob on it, the keyring is double sided Jacob/Bella and the images on the other 3 items can be seen above.

This is a private giveaway run by me for my friends, and so I shall be monitoring entries, I have freewill to accept and deny entry into this giveaway as I see fit and by commenting on this post you agree to this condition and accept your name may not be added in to this draw.

All names that I accept for this draw will be listed at 5pm on Monday 26th April 2010 and a draw will be made by using the random number generator at The winners will be contacted and the prizes will be sent within 7 days of this Date. As this is a draw between friends, there will not be any need for a re-draw, I know how to contact you all!lol

1 entry per person is allowed and further conditions can be added at any time as needed to ensure this is run fairly to all

Good Luck everyone 😀

EDIT: If anyone is that curious about the booby prize but not interested in the New Moon goodies, just say in your comment & I’ll enter you just for the booby prize!

22 responses

  1. Hahaha! fabby idea for a fabby comp, thanks Kim xxx

    Please add ME!!! 😀

  2. Jennifer Thorpe | Reply

    yayy thankyou for this Kim, please include me in the draws. Very intrigued to see what the second prize is. 🙂

    jenniwren12 on twitter 😉

  3. Fantastic comp, love the booby prize idea!

    Please put my name in the hat 🙂

    Thanks Kim x

  4. Hey Kim,
    This is very generous of you! Good idea to use your blog to pass on duplicate prizes too – I might do this if I am lucky enough to win any dupes!
    Please put me in the hat!

  5. may i enter this comp hun you have been so kind in helping me get started in my new hobbie of comps so sending you heaps of luck and happiness
    best regards

    twitter mrstracey1972

  6. Please can I enter Kim. 🙂

  7. Catherine Gregory | Reply

    Fabby idea Kim, put my name in the hat please.

  8. Thanks for the comp and fab idea for a booby prize! Can I be entered please.

  9. I would love to enter Kim, love the booby prize idea, bet I know what it is!

    Lynsey (iridessa76)

  10. Ooh – what a good idea! Could I be entered for the booby prize please? I’m intrigued ;o)

    Many thanks Kim.

    Jules (@eviljules)

  11. Oooo nice idea Kim – please add me to the draw!

    Splodz x

  12. Catherine Miller | Reply

    Hi hun,

    Please enter me! Love RPatz (thanks to twitter influence – lol!)


    Thankyou for running this Kim you lucky charm x

  13. Alison (ali991) | Reply

    Lovely prize, please can you enter me? I must admit I am intrigued 🙂

  14. Lisa Pope (lisapop01) | Reply

    Lovely prize Kim, Could you enter me into the Draw please xx

  15. kim, this is very generous of you please put me in the draw xx

  16. Only you could come up with such a fun, fab comp which has everyone guessing what that booby prize could be….love it!! lol
    Please stick my name in the hat and many thanks for giving us lot a chance to share in your wins too xx

  17. victoria nuttall | Reply

    What a lovely and generous idea….I didnt understand the whole Jacob v Edward thing but have finally got round to watching Twilight with my daughters and loved it that much have bought the New Moon book xx

  18. What a lovely idea kim – hopefully karma will return you a lovely prize!

    Please add me in
    Jo xx

  19. You have a blog! How exciting 🙂 I have just started getting into Twilight! Fab prizes (well not so sure about the sounds of the booby prize but sure it’s good all the same!) Enter me please xx

  20. Hi Kim

    Great idea and very selfless to give away prizes! I don’t want to enter, just to say well done!

    Much love
    Funky P xx

  21. rosie @kohsamui14 | Reply

    Hi there… took ages to pluck up the courage to enter.. not sure if I am friendly-some enough???
    I did consult Sabrina who said Mum you are the friendliest person i know and forever talking to random strangers! A very bad influence on your children! Who know better

    I’m sure sher only said that because she is a Twilight freak

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