Deliveries 16th October 2014

16a-10-2014All these lovely goodies have come from Kents Kitchen’s Facebook page. They offered them to the first person to figure out what they were going to be cooking from looking at the pile of ingredients and I’m really looking forward to trying all these things out!

16b-10-2014The bag and Angel Slices I won a while ago from Mr Kipling on Twitter

The Glass was also won quite a while ago from the Hoegaarden website

The Formaline I won from Liz Love’s Blog

The Aloe Vera Gel Dave won from the Holland & Barrett Facebook page. I had moaned to him that I was never going to win one and that the app hated me so he went on his Facebook and tried, first time he did he won (yes I did swear!lol)

Deliveries 10th October 2014

10-10-2014I won this lovely selection of Clip bar’s from Liz Loves Blog. I received 2 of each flavour and they all sound really yummy!

Deliveries 9th October 2014

09-10-2014The calendar (unsurprisingly) has come from Trex, it’ll be brightening up my kitchen next year!

The phone I won from one of the Click-to-win sites and hopefully it will come in handy for one of our older relatives :-D

Deliveries 8th October 2014

08-10-2014Another surprise today, yep another moo-sical cow from Asda. I’ve really enjoyed having the first one in the fridge, it really makes me smile each time it goes off so I’m going to have to find a good home for this cow now :-D

Deliveries 2nd October 2014

02-10-2014Sometimes when I see a prize I really hope I win it, not the big ones we all hope to win but the silly little ones. This moo-sical cow really does fall into this category, it has come as a surprise from the daily competition which was running on Asda’s website and now I cant wait to see Dave’s face when he opens the fridge tonight :-D


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